Hi Kevin,

I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate your quick work and dedication to us.  It is a breath of fresh air after dealing with another lender for 2 months and still no closing!  You are competitive, responsive, and explain things so that even I can understand them.  You take all the stress and guess work out of the refi process and I cannot thank you enough!  You’re the best!!

Liesel Dionisio

A Breath of Fresh Air

We give our highest endorsement to Kevin Doyle and Lake Dillon Mortgage who went above and way beyond to help us sell and buy a new home this past fall, 2016!! Kevin was amazing at helping us to figure out exactly what we could afford. We called him multiple times with house prices that we were looking at and he patiently and accurately gave us monthly mortgage, interest, and equity estimates. The thing that was the most incredible about Kevin is that he never saw his job as over. He worked out incredible deals for us to do improvements to the new home before we moved in, including carpets, mud-jacking, and fixing sinks all at the last hour with sellers who made it challenging. He came to our closing, and he even visited us in our new home when it was all over. Kevin is a great, caring person and an elite, super-competent, diligent mortgage broker expert. I know that there is no way we could have received better service. We won’t forget it!!!

Brian and Mary Donelson

Above and Way Beyond